No, Your Brain Isn’t a Three-Pound Meat Computer

In all the latest sound and fury over Artificial Intelligence — Will some future Terminator run us over like ants (as Michio Kaku worries)? Must we act quickly to prevent the rise of an evil AI overlord (per Elon Musk)? — one notes an important, if unstated, assumption: Computers can be intelligent like humans are intelligent. If so, well, perhaps Kaku, Musk, and others are right to stoke fear and thus propel us to action to avert disaster. On the other hand, if it’s not possible, then, like a well-timed magician’s trick, the fear-mongering may have us looking for one kind of problem even as we wholly miss another. Now Roger Epstein, former editor of Psychology Today and an active researcher, writes at Aeon to reject the assumption that the…

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