Norwich University announces new academic major in neuroscience

News Release — Norwich UniversityDec. 14, 2015 Contact:Daphne Larkin802-485-2886 or 595-3613(m)[email protected]Follow us on Twitter @NorwichNews NORTHFIELD, Vt. – Norwich University officials announced that beginning Fall 2016 the university will offer a new major of academic study, a Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience. A field that is interdisciplinary in nature, the Neuroscience program will expose students to a rapidly growing field at the intersection of Biology and Psychology, while also providing students a firm background in Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Neuroscience graduates will draw knowledge from a variety of specialties, effectively mastering the human nervous system from cellular, molecular, biochemical, cognitive and behavioral perspectives. “Educating students about the human nervous system in health and disease will prepare them for managing the public health challenges of our global population,” Assistant Professor of…

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