Novo Nordisk, IBM Watson Health to Create “Virtual Doctor”

Shutterstock photo Novo Nordisk A/S is teaming up with IBM Watson Health, a division of International Business Machines Corp., to create a “virtual doctor” for diabetes patients that could dispense treatment advice such as insulin dosage. The Danish diabetes specialist hopes to use IBM’s supercomputer platform, Watson, to analyze health data from diabetes patients to help them manage their disease. Jakob Riis, an executive vice president at Novo Nordisk, said data from continuous blood-sugar monitors that upload readings to the Internet could be analyzed and used to inform treatment decisions. He said that more data could potentially be incorporated into such a tool, including food intake, exercise and accurate information on the timings and dosage of insulin injections. There are “a lot of routine issues around judgments of dosing and…

Link to Full Article: Novo Nordisk, IBM Watson Health to Create “Virtual Doctor”

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