nSpec 2.0 Artificial Intelligence for Semiconductor Industry

Leveraging software algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to create a 21st century inspection system can result in massive cost reduction. Nanotronics’ systems are optimized for any stage of the process, with increased capacity and improved performance over time.One of nSpec 2.0’s key features is the first general-purpose Artificial Intelligence solution for the semiconductor industry. Nanotronics’ artificial intelligence software can be trained to both identity and classify new features and defects. The training requires extremely small data sets and the simple and intuitive user interface needs little operator training. The nSpec 2.0 can inspect transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque materials at every stage of production including post-dicing and post-packaging. Nanotronics’ nSpec integrates with existing systems including KLARF import/export and SECS/GEM. Nanotronics will debut this week at SemiconWest Rapid Automated Macro Inspection; providing high-throughput automated macro…

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