Nvidia Disputes Intel’s Maching Learning Performance Claims

Ahh, benchmarks. Perhaps nothing is better fodder for an argument in IT, especially when competitors are locking horns over undiscovered country. Ian Buck, GM & VP of Accelerated Computing at Nvidia Over at the Nvidia Blog, Ian Buck is taking umbrage at Intel’s recent performance claims around machine learning, saying that they are out-of-date. The performance claims in dispute include: Xeon Phi is 2.3x faster in training than GPUs Xeon Phi offers 38% better scaling that GPUs across nodes Xeon Phi delivers strong scaling to 128 nodes while GPUs do not According to Buck, Intel is comparing its new Intel Xeon Phi processor against outdated GPUs using Nvidia’s Maxwell architecture. Nvidia has since introduced products based on the Pascal architecture, which helped propel the company to some nice profits in their most…

Link to Full Article: Nvidia Disputes Intel’s Maching Learning Performance Claims

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