Nvidia falls out with Intel

Says it is a cheat The girls and boys at Nvidia – it’s fair to say – really dislike Intel. Considering it neutrally we consider both firms are not the epitome of wisdom. But today Nvidia levelled accusatory stuff at Chipzilla. Nvidia decided to dispute Intel’s benchmarks about Knights Landing Xeon Phi benchmarks and, rather controversially, decided that Chipzilla’s benchmarks are “out of date”. The accusations from Nvidia are quite profound and can be found in detail on Nvidia’s blog. The General Manager/VP of Nvidia’s accelerated computing Ian Buck was quite clear about the thing they didn’t like in Intel’s way of benchmarking deep learning. Perhaps they are a bit esoteric for some people, but Nvidia claims Intel benchmarks are very very ancient. “Very very ancient,” alleges Nvidia, means that…

Link to Full Article: Nvidia falls out with Intel

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