Nvidia’s Jetson TX1 Wants to Make Your Drone Smarter

The Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor will intelligently respond to its surroundings and tasks. Nvidia is hoping to make your drones a lot smarter. The company on Tuesday announced a new drone-focused processor, called the Jetson TX1 module. The chip, which is about the size of a credit card and has a whopping 1 teraflops of performance, will intelligently navigate a drone based on pre-programmed artificial intelligence. In order to achieve such functionality, the chip will use neural networks, or computer software that is capable of recognizing objects and responding accordingly. “The Jetson TX1 module addresses the challenge of creating a new wave of millions of smart devices—drones that don’t just fly by remote control, but navigate their way through a forest for search and rescue; compact security surveillance systems that…

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