OCTANe: Helping Drive The Future Of Technological Innovation

Like most witnesses of today’s booming tech scene, OCTANe is drawn to the buzzword “innovation.” The Orange County, California, firm, positioned to capitalize on the region known for graduating record engineering classes, looks to help drive growth by facilitating connections among human players and available resources. According to the company’s website, “it is the one place where entrepreneurs, investors, executives, academics, clinicians, and business advisors come together to collaborate, create, and grow.” A Closer Look At OCTANE’s 4 Key Components OCTANe Connect is the company’s legacy organization. This sector is focused on conducting annual conferences. The firm specifically hosts a tech conference in the spring, a medical technology conference in the fall and an ophthalmology conference in the summer. Additionally, it runs two to three programs every month to help the startup community. OCTANe Launchpad is the accelerator used to help companies with their capital strategy. “[Since 2010] we’ve helped raise $1.6 billion in capital for close to 240 companies,” OCTANe CEO Bill Carpou told Benzinga. In order to be a part of the accelerator, a company needs to come to OCTANe with an idea, a business plan and proof of having raised prior capital. OCTANe Growth Services is a…

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