Olympic Wrestlers Turn To… Artificial Intelligence Music?

The time before competition is the domain of loud music—beats, chords, and angry lyrics pumped into the ears to stimulate an adrenaline rush. Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander once described a two-and-a-half hour progression of hip hop, R&B, and escalating hard rock before taking the mound. Those ubiquitous Beats commercials show similar preparation from Kevin Garnett, Colin Kaepernick, and others. USA Wrestling captain Robby Smith used to toggle between rap, country, and even classical scores before bouts, which he has replaced with . . . artificial intelligence-composed songs? That’s according to a recent Newsweek report in which he described using brain.fm, a site that harnesses brainwave rhythms to enhance neurological states of relaxation, focus, or sleep. “I listen to the focus sessions before practice to help me get in the…

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