One Neuroscientist’s Quest to Create Healthier Brains

When Bruce Miller was recruited to UC San Francisco by neurology chair Stephen Hauser, MD, and Nobel Prize-winning professor Stanley Prusiner, MD, in the late 1990s, the University had just lost funding for its state-sponsored dementia center. Miller, MD, a behavioral neurologist from UCLA, would have to build a new center from scratch. “It had been a neglected area, and I decided I was going to try to give the best possible care to everyone we saw, because what San Francisco really needed was great care for cognitive disorders,” says Miller, who launched the Memory and Aging Center (MAC) in 1998. Now, expanding the reach of this work, Miller has been tapped to co-direct a new $177 million Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI). Bringing Basic Science to the Bedside In…

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