Only the privileged fear a robot revolution

Ambarish Mitra Crunch Network Contributor Ambarish is the founder and CEO of Blippar, an augmented reality and image recognition platform. More posts by this contributor: Augmented Reality Has An Image Problem How to join the networkLeading venture capitalists, scientists and CEOs all have the same prediction for artificial intelligence: machines will take jobs away from both blue- and white-collar workers, “eat the world” and, ultimately, overthrow humanity. These histrionics have driven a widely accepted negative narrative about this technology’s potential impact on the future of humanity. That needs to change. Bringing artificial intelligence into the mainstream world should be met with hope and empathy, not fear. The concerns of these experts — wealthy men with unparalleled access to utilities, healthcare, public safety, education and job opportunities — are the concerns of privilege. Consider that in much of the world, the ability to see a doctor, eat a wholesome meal…

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