OpenAI Gym Gives Reinforcement Learning A Work Out

When OpenAI, an open source AI initiative backed by Elon Musk, Sam Altman and Ilya Sutskever, was announced earlier in the year, I doubt anyone expected anything to be produced so quickly and certainly not something connected with reinforcement learning. OpenAI Gym is what it sounds like – an exercise facility for reinforcement learning.  Since the success of Deep Mind’s Deep Q learning at playing games, and Go in particular, the subject of reinforcement learning (RL) has gone from an academic backwater to front line AI. The big problem is that reinforcement learning is a difficult technique to characterise. Put simply an RL system learns not by being told how close it is the the desired result, but by receiving rewards based on its behaviour. Of course this is largely how…

Link to Full Article: OpenAI Gym Gives Reinforcement Learning A Work Out

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