Yes, that means Artificial Intelligence (AI), the area of computer science that deals with developing machines with human traits like speech recognition, learning, planning and problem solving. University of Minnesota’s College of Science and Engineering mentions research groups falling under AI but are disciplines in their own right. These groups include robotics, computer vision and others. A number of movies about AI have been made and shown: The Bicentennial Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Robot & Frank, Westworld, Wall-E, AI, I, Robot, Terminator, and Transcendence are just some of them. Some portray them as sinister entities whose intelligence has “gone to their heads” so to speak. Others are endowed with human emotions such that they—and their viewers forget they are machines. This is not about that kind of artificial intelligence. The term came up when I heard my children discussing sci-fi movies they’ve seen. The term caught my attention because I had an “aha!” moment around the time I was processing something that made me feel I was being nasty.  A few weeks earlier, a friend insisted that we see a movie after they had lunch with former classmates. She had asked earlier if I wanted to join them, though…

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