Oracle Delivers Artifical Intelligence Solutions To Partners

Oracle dived into the rapidly heating market for artificially intelligent business solutions Monday with the release of extensions infusing several traditional enterprise applications with machine-learning capabilities. The new Adaptive Intelligent Applications, enhancements of several Oracle Software-as-a-Service products, expose the data they generate, in concert with external data sets, to machine-learning algorithms that derive insight for optimizing those business processes. Oracle simultaneously enhanced its Analytics Cloud, a platform for advanced data processing that buttresses the self-learning apps with back-end cloud infrastructure, libraries of machine-learning algorithms, big data frameworks and a massive trove of data sets. [Related: Oracle’s Ellison Takes Aim At Fresh Targets: AWS, Workday] “We’re putting machine learning into core business processes,” Rich Clayton, Oracle’s vice president of business analytics, told CRN. “This is an evolution of what we currently…

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