Oracle Gets Predictive With Boomtrain Integration

Oracle’s Responsys email marketing solution gained machine learning capabilities this week, thanks to a new integration with Boomtrain’s marketing platform.  The partnership between Oracle and Boomtrain will help Oracle customers and marketers personalize Web-based and email content with predictive personalization through machine learning. Boomtrain’s integration on the Oracle Marketing AppCloud is Oracle’s first partnership for predictive marketing personalization. “We’re excited to be Oracle’s first machine-learning partner for the Responsys platform,” says Nick Edwards, CEO and cofounder at Boomtrain. “Machine learning has typically been thought of as something only the big players like Amazon and Facebook are able to develop and leverage. Now, marketers at companies of any size have access to this technology, with the ability to deliver individualized content and truly personal experiences at any scale.” Through this partnership, Boomtrain will…

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