Organizing Committee

The NeWS conferences have been introduced in 2014 by the NeuroSaclay Initiative, directed by Philippe Vernier. It is organized by students, postdocs and young scientists in neuroscience from the Paris-Saclay University. The NeuroSaclay Initiative organizes synergies between well-known neuroscience institutes of the south of Ile-de-France area: Neurospin, NeuroPSI and UNIC. The organizing committee of the NeWS 2016 workshop is: Valentina Borghesani – PhD student, NeuroSpin Pauline Kerekes – PhD student, UNIC Pierre Affaticati – PostDoc, NeuroPSI Abhishek Chatterjee – Postdoc, NeuroPSI Nicolas Giret – Postdoc, NeuroPSI Matthew Nelson – Postdoc, NeuroSpin Zuzanna Piwkowska – PostDoc, UNIC Valerie Ego-Stengel – Researcher, UNIC Jerome Roger – Researcher, NeuroPSI Brice Bathellier – Group Leader, UNIC  

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