‘Parker’ Is NVIDIA’s New Chip For Autonomous Cars

NVIDIA have unveiled a new System-on-Chip designed for autonomous or self driving vehicles, codenamed “Parker.” Parker is the chipset that’s behind NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 platform, which the company has described as a mini “supercomputer for cars.” The company’s Andi Skende, an engineer, talked about Parker at the Hot Chips conference, California. In the technical detail, the Parker chipset is based around a six core system that belongs to the NVIDIA Tegra chipset family but uses NVIDIA’s Project Denver technology. Project Denver is a five year plan designed to put desktop class performance into mobile devices and each Parker chipset has a dual core 64-bit Denver 2.0 core, related to the application processor cores found in the HTC Nexus 9. Under testing, the Nexus 9’s chipset has exceptionally high single…

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