Paving a Clear Road to Highly Automated Vehicles

Today, driving can be frustrating if you’re stuck in traffic—which tends to be a regular experience for many commuters. In the United States alone, 5.5 billion hours of productivity are lost from waiting in traffic each year.  So what is an automated vehicle? Given that the term means different things to different people, let’s start with a definition from Gartner: “An autonomous [or automated] vehicle is one that can drive itself from a starting point to a predetermined destination in ‘autopilot’ mode using various in-vehicle technologies and sensors, including adaptive cruise control, active steering (steer by wire), anti-lock braking systems (brake by wire), GPS navigation technology, lasers and radar.” In the automated stage, or L2 per the SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) defined levels, vehicles incorporate features like automated braking…

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