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Published September 19, 2016 Smith Medalist Barbara Brenner ’73, who died in 2013, survived two bouts of breast cancer before developing ALS. She documented her experience as a breast cancer activist in a book, So Much To Be Done, which is the focus of an event at Broadside Bookshop in Northampton on Tuesday, Sept. 20. Rob Dorit, professor of biological sciences, and Barbara Blumenthal ’75, rare book specialist with Smith libraries, will join Brenner’s longtime partner, Susie Lampert, and UMass professor Jerry Epstein for the reading and discussion. Benita Jackson, associate professor of psychology Benita Jackson, associate professor of psychology, recently led a workshop on campus for the Alliance to Advance Liberal Arts Colleges. Focusing on “Health Psychology for the 21st Century,” the event is believed to be the first…

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