Platform with multiple processors

US-based NVIDIA has developed the Parker multi-core processor. Two of them are integrated on the company’s Drive PX 2 platform. Volvo plans to use the Drive PX 2 platform in road tests in its XC90 SUV in the next year (Photo: NVIDIA) The platform comprises two Parker multi-core graphic processors and two Pascal processors. The Parker consists of two 64-bit Denver CPU cores paired with four 64-bit ARM Cortex A57 CPUs. The platform is equipped with a dual-CAN interface for connecting to the in-vehicle networks and a Gigabit-Ethernet port for communication with domain ECUs. More than 80 carmakers and suppliers as well as research centers are using the Drive PX 2 platform. The Denver CPU is a seven-way superscalar processor supporting the ARM instruction set and implements an improved dynamic…

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