Post-doctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience (MRG Group)

The group addresses the behavioral and neural expression of multisensory integration processes and their underlying mechanisms in the brain. This research spans several perceptual domains (speech, temporal and spatial processing, in vision, audition and touch, and body representation) and research approaches (psychophysics, neuroimaging, and brain stimulation with TMS).We seek a person with solid, demonstrable experience who is able to lead a research line complementary to the group’s activities. Involvement in some organizational and management aspects is expected. The candidate must have (1) a PhD degree at the moment of application or soon thereafter,(2) a solid demonstrable experience with publications in the field of Cognitive or Computational Neuroscience, and(3) strong motivation for multisensory integration, perception and attention.Please, bear in mind that applications that do not meet these standards will not be…

Link to Full Article: Post-doctoral position in Cognitive Neuroscience (MRG Group)

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