Postdoc in Computational and Systems Neuroscience

Advertising institute: INM-6 – Computational and Systems Neuroscience Reference number: 2016-099 The Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM) investigates the structure and function of the human brain on different spatial and temporal scales within the research program “Decoding the Human Brain”. The department INM-6, Computational and Systems Neuroscience, develops mathematical models of neuronal dynamics and function. Model-driven analyses of brain activity and structure as well as simulation of biologically realistic models form the core of our work. The group Statistical Neuroscience develops statistical methods for the analysis of massively parallel experimental electrophysiological data and drives the development of the open source software tools for the analysis of electrophysiological data (e.g. Elephant). This group contributes to the work package WP4.5 “Linking Model Activity and Function to Experimental Data” of the EU…

Link to Full Article: Postdoc in Computational and Systems Neuroscience

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