Postdoc in Neuroscience/Neuroimaging

The Translational Neuroimaging and Systems Neuroscience Lab (TNSNL) in the Biomedical Engineering department seeks a to fill two postdoctoral research positions to conduct studies on characterizing animal models of mental disorders by combining fMRI, electrophysiology, behavioral and optogenetic approaches. Both positions will be affiliated with the Penn State Institute of Neurosciences, as well as the Center for neural engineering.  The applicant must have a PhD and/or MD degree in Neuroscience, Physiology, Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Physics or a related discipline. The successful candidate for the first position must have expertise in animal handling, behavioral testing, stereotaxic surgery and in vivo electrophysiology. Prior experience with fMRI and/or neuroimaging data analysis is a plus. The successful candidate for the second position must have strong background in fMRI, particularly resting-state fMRI techniques, and experience…

Link to Full Article: Postdoc in Neuroscience/Neuroimaging

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