Postdoctoral position in insect sensory neuroscience

A fully funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Karen Menuz, Assistant Professor at the University of Connecticut. The start date is flexible, but ideally before summer 2017. Our research focuses on the mechanisms supporting robust responses to odors in the insect olfactory system. Currently, we are interested in how the molecular and cellular environment surrounding olfactory neurons influences their activity, and ultimately odor-driven behaviors. We use the genetic model organism Drosophila to identify conserved molecules and mechanisms that likely have a similar role in insect vectors of human disease. We use a multi-disciplinary approach combining well-established techniques including genetic manipulation, electrophysiology, microscopy and behavioral assays with newer technologies such as RNASeq and CRISPR genome engineering. For descriptions of current projects, see Candidates Strong candidates will…

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