Prolific Robot Journalist Covers 450 Olympic Stories

An “AI writing robot” produced up to 58 articles per day for a Chinese publication at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro this month. The Xiaomingbot wrote reports for the news syndication service Toutiao, delivering news items within two minutes of events ending. During the two weeks of the Olympics, the robot reporter produced a total of 450 stories. Try Newsweek: Subscription offers Xiaomingbot is not the first artificial intelligence (AI) reporter, though the quantity of reports makes it arguably the most prolific. The articles—ranging from around 100 words to 821 articles—appear to have been well received by readers, though some comments seen by Quartz reportedly claimed the prose was “too robotic.” The most-read article was the news about a women’s singles badminton match, which was viewed more than…

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