Q&A: Relevant Search with Elasticsearch and Solr

Key takeaways It’s important to determine what “relevant” actually means in each search use case. Engage in a virtuous cycle of improving and reevaluating relevance against user expectations. Focus on search evaluation over search solutions. The future of design is Information Retrieval. Improvements in Elasticsearch and Solr will make developing recommendations a far less daunting prospect In their book, Relevant Search, Doug Turnbull and John Berryman show how to tackle the challenges of search engine relevance tuning in a fun and approachable manner. The book focuses on Elasticsearch and Solr and how relevance engineers can use those tools to build search applications that appropriately suit the needs of the business and customer. In a good search engine, results are ranked basked not just on factual criteria but on the relevance…

Link to Full Article: Q&A: Relevant Search with Elasticsearch and Solr

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