Qualcomm Detail Some Snapdragon 820 Features

It would appear that Qualcomm have a lot riding on the Snapdragon 820 after the predecessor device, the Snapdragon 810, caught the imagination of industry pundits all over the world as “the Snapdragon that overheated.” In Qualcomm’s eyes, far too many pixels have been inconvenienced through discussion about the 810’s heat issue and the business wants to move on. Yesterday, Qualcomm unearthed their new champion chipset, the Snapdragon 820 and today they have been showing off the chipset and what it is capable of. Qualcomm’s press release talked about how their new mobile chipset “is engineered to create immersive experiences for your next new smartphone … has been holistically designed around enriching visual quality and audio clarity, as well as developing more intuitive ways to interact with devices, to generate…

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