Quantum computing center upgrades to focus on AI

Defense ITQuantum computing center upgrades to focus on AI By George Leopold Aug 12, 2016 An upgraded quantum computer installed at a Lockheed Martin-sponsored computing center is being used to speed development of machine learning algorithms that underpin artificial intelligence applications. The upgrade to the D-Wave 2X processor hosted by the USC-Lockheed Martin Quantum Computing Center doubles the system’s capacity to 1,098 quantum bits, or qubits, a unit of two-state quantum information. The University of Southern California’s Information Sciences Institute at the USC Viterbi School of Engineering hosts the computing center. The upgraded system represents the third generation of quantum computer pioneer D-Wave Systems Inc.’s “quantum annealing” processor that solves problems by “tuning” qubits from their superposition state to a classical state. Digital computers use bits to process information, with each…

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