Questions For Jody Houser, Writer Of High-Flying ‘Faith’

Valiant Comics Faith “Zephyr” Herbert was the breakout star of Valiant Comics’ Harbinger super-team. Now headlining her own, Eisner Award-nominated series, she’s an ebulliently nerdy — and yes, plus-size — superheroine who fights crime and marauding aliens in the streets of Los Angeles while holding down a day job at a Buzzfeed-esque website. (And making lots of Buffy and Doctor Who references. Faith is my kind of gal.) Her latest adventure launched just this week; the four-issue limited series Faith & The Future Force sees her recruited to lead an all-star super team trying to stop an artificial intelligence from damaging time itself — which seems like a great fight for a Doctor Who fan. “Faith finally gets to have her time travel adventure!” says writer Jody Houser. Houser tells me that Faith has taken a lot of lessons from the comics and TV shows she loves. “Actually having the power to make a difference means a lot to her and is something she takes very seriously. Having chosen to embrace that responsibility, it’s important to her to do her best to remain on target and to often take stock that she’s making the right decisions and staying true to…

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