#RackspaceSolve Debates Cloud Adoption and Use of Analytic Tools

Cloud adoption has increased massively in the past few years, and technology trends can only benefit IT managers. Speaking at the Rackspace Solve 2016 conference in London, Rackspace CTO John Engates, said that he is seeing large adoption, and this presents an opportunity to work with emerging technologies and analytics. In his opening talk “Experts in a multi-client world”, Engates identified the two challenges of cloud adoption of a lack of resources and an expertise problem. “What we have now is end-users and consumers of websites and they connect to content management systems, digital platforms and mobile applications, but there is also internal challenges using CRM or email and that is what we have to deal with as IT managers,” he said. “Also there are new challenges like Shadow IT…

Link to Full Article: #RackspaceSolve Debates Cloud Adoption and Use of Analytic Tools

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