R&D Special Focus: Robotics/AI

Robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I) were once considered fantasies of the future. Today, both technologies are being incorporated into many elements of everyday life, with applications popping up in everything from healthcare and education to communication and transportation. In July, R&D Magazine took a deeper dive into this breakthrough area of research.  We kicked off our coverage by speaking to several experts about where the field of robotics is going in, Robotics Industry Has Big Future as Applications Grow. Susan Teele of the Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute and Bob Doyle of the Robotics Industries Association, discussed the impact that robots will have on the workforce and what technological advancements are needed for them to truly flourish. We expanded on that idea in Creating Robots That Are More Like Humans, which features a research group at Northeastern University focused on creating software that makes robots more autonomous, so eventually they are able to perform tasks on their own with little human supervision or intervention. The group’s leader, Taskin Padir told  R&D Magazine how reliable robots with human-like dexterity and improved autonomy could take over jobs that are dangerous or difficult for humans to perform. Robots can also be used to…

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