Register for Neuroscience 2016

Register for Neuroscience 2016 today to join more than 30,000 researchers, clinicians, and science advocates from nearly 80 countries as they come together to share exciting developments in neuroscience. SfN’s 46th annual meeting will take place November 12-16 in San Diego. “Neuroscience 2016 is an incredible opportunity for neuroscientists from across the globe to collaborate and join forces to propel research forward,” SfN President Hollis Cline said. “Each year SfN’s annual meeting acts as the premier venue for showcasing innovation across the breadth of the neuroscience field.” Access the meeting’s Preliminary Program now to review the assortment of sessions, lectures, workshops, and other events as well as registration and hotel information. Neuroscience 2016 has many elements that make it a dynamic meeting: Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society “Global Mental Health and Neuroscience: Challenges and…

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