‘Reinforcement Learning’ is Teaching Robots Faster Than Ever

Robots are learning how to complete tasks in sped-up virtual worlds, developing skills in a matter of hours that might otherwise take months. Simulated deep reinforcement learning (or Deep RL) means a skill that would normally take 55 days for an A.I. to learn in the real world takes only a day in the hyper-accelerated classroom. “It’s got the potential to really revolutionize what we can do in the robotics domain,” Raia Hadsell, a research scientist with Google DeepMind, said at the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit in London on Thursday. “We can learn human level skills.” It may sound counter-intuitive, as surely the whole point of robots is programmers can teach them to do things, right? When designing a machine that operates in the real world, though, robots need a…

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