Replicating research from Neuroscience

A new article collection, Replication Studies in Neuroscience invites research articles that aim to repeat recently published experimental findings of significant importance. Research can be from any area of neuroscience, whether molecular, in vivo preclinical, or clinical studies, and articles can use the same or advanced methodologies. Both confirmation and failures to reproduce work from independent groups will be considered. Topics of interest cover the field of neuroscience, including: Molecular neurobiology Neurogenetics Neurochemistry Neuroanatomy Neurophysiology Neuropharmacology Psychopharmacology Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience Experimental psychology Psychiatric and neurological disorders Introducing the Editor Dr Thomas Steckler, Editor of Replication Studies in Neuroscience Article Collection Currently the Associate Director within Janssen R&D’s Bioresearch Quality & Compliance team, Dr. Thomas Steckler graduated in Medicine and obtained his M.D. from the Free University of Berlin, Germany.…

Link to Full Article: Replicating research from Neuroscience

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