Reputation is Cyber Security is Digital Marketing

Photo by Alan W Silberberg The connection between one’s reputation, whether an individual or company/organization; and cyber security is real and persistent. The more that one connects to devices, and connects those devices to the internet and social networks the more this becomes true. This is exponentially true for organizations and networked companies/governments/non profits.Not only is the cyber attack surface area ever widened, but so is the reach of digital marketers into you and your organization with each set of connections. Whether it is through tracking for ads, geo targeting or things like beacons, proximity awareness or previous visits in browsers to other digital outlets; persistent tracking that comes along with digital marketing is part of the cyber security and reputation security landscape for all of us.So what happens when something that was not online; suddenly appears and re-arranges the alchemy of search results for you, for your company, or group? Is there a response plan? Have you any clue of what to do? Or is it something you never could imagine happening in a million years, and suddenly you need to call an expert to fix it for you? You have to apply cyber security and reputation security tactics…

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