Revolutionizing Innovation — The Move Towards Artificial Intelligence

Pexels Fully developed artificial intelligence is the next big thing in technological advancement Innovators are the backbone behind technological growth, and that growth is occurring at a faster rate now than it ever has before. While the brightest minds of the world are developing new ways to assist in human productivity through new technology, the future points towards a direction where technology will assist humans through its own mind. Specifically, our lifetime is at a crucial cornerstone because the development of artificial intelligence is moving towards public discussion. Artificial intelligence, or A.I., goes beyond the current digital assistants like Cortana, Siri and Echo. It’s the next stage, where a man-made device is able to act upon human perception. Human perception as in sight and voice, sentiment recognition, critical decision-making, language translation and more. A revolutionary concept, an A.I. brought into the global finance sector “could help with making financial decisions and banking decisions,” according to Dr. Yoav Intrator, Chief Technology Officer of Hapoalim Bank of Israel. “Regardless if it is Cortana, Siri or Echo, all are striving to be our personal assistants, but there are very few domains that are truly personal such as finance and health,” says Intrator. “Fortunately,…

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