Roborace explained: Where artificial intelligence meets racing

Preparations for the first competition with autonomous race cars is under way. But why? And will it be fun to watch? searched for answers. Roborace is set to organise the first championship for self-driving vehicles, or ‘AI drivers’ as the organisation prefers to name it. The competition will take place at street tracks currently used by Formula E. Today, Roborace has built three Devbot development cars and soon hopes to have three Robocars available. The company aims to build a platform to showcase autonomous technology and where it can advance. It takes a similar approach as Formula E currently does with electric formula cars, where road relevant technology is being developed. But the two championships differ from each other in approach. At Roborace, the development of software will be key while in Formula E some modifications to the hardware can be made. “Roborace is the future of connected and autonomous technology which is coming into the road cars in three, five or ten years’ time, depending on the horizons,” explained Bryn Balcombe, chief technical officer at Roborace, to “We are using motorsports as an acceleration of all that technology. Which is what motorsports has been in the past and…

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