Robot Predator Hunts Prey with Digital Retina

Important update from the impending robot revolution: Scientists in Switzerland are teaching artificial intelligence systems how to behave like predators and hunt down their prey. The annals of science fiction are full of cautionary tales in this regard, of course, but the Swiss researchers insist they have only the best of intentions. (Isn’t that what they all say?) RELATED: Realistic Robot Lady Cheerfully Agrees To Destroy Humans But seriously, folks: According to a report over at Motherboard that’s quickly making the rounds, scientists at the University of Zurich’s Institute of Neuromatics are using specialized cameras and neural network technology to program sophisticated predator ‘bots. The idea is to use predator-prey models that encourage robots to efficiently scan their environment, find targets, and stalk them follow them. WATCH VIDEO: What If…

Link to Full Article: Robot Predator Hunts Prey with Digital Retina

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