Robot Wars: DOD Report Warns of Enemy AI

A new report from the Department of Defense has a strong warning regarding artificial intelligence: the U.S. military is lagging behind and needs to take “immediate action” to catch up. Defense One examines the Defense Science Board’s report titled “Autonomy,” which makes recommendations for the U.S. government to step up its efforts regarding AI before America’s enemies can outsmart us with the technology. “For years, it has been clear that certain countries could, and most likely would, develop the technology and expertise to use cyber and electronic warfare against U.S. forces,” the study report reads. “Yet most of the U.S. effort focused on developing offensive cyber capabilities without commensurate attention to hardening U.S. systems against attacks from others. “Unfortunately, in both domains, that neglect has resulted in DoD spending large…

Link to Full Article: Robot Wars: DOD Report Warns of Enemy AI

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