Robots Could Hack Turing Test by Keeping Silent

The Turing test, the quintessential evaluation designed to determine if something is a computer or a human, may have a fatal flaw, new research suggests. The test currently can’t determine if a person is talking to another human being or a robot if the person being interrogated simply chooses to stay silent, new research shows. While it’s not news that the Turing test has flaws, the new study highlights just how limited the test is for answering deeper questions about artificial intelligence, said study co-author Kevin Warwick, a computer scientist at Coventry University in England. [Super-Intelligent Machines: 7 Robotic Futures] “As machines are getting more and more intelligent, whether they’re actually thinking and whether we need to give them responsibilities are starting to become very serious questions,” Warwick told Live…

Link to Full Article: Robots Could Hack Turing Test by Keeping Silent

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