Robots with better eyesight and intelligent drones

Researchers in the west of Scotland have developed an artificial intelligence system that can automatically recognise different types of cars – and people. Among its many possible applications are robots with better eyesight – and drones to spot defects in buildings before they collapse. It is the result of a collaboration between the University of the West of Scotland and the French multinational electrical systems group Thales. It is based around the concept of “deep learning” which mimics the way human brains behave to create an artificial intelligence that learns on the job. From the distance, a vehicle is approaching. But what kind of vehicle? At Thales UK in Glasgow, they have long been able to make systems like this that can see in the dark. But this one can do much more. ‘Digital imitation’On a display screen there is a moving image. Given that what we are “seeing” is heat, it is not exactly HD. But while my eyes may be struggling a bit, it is good enough for the system to know what it islooking at. Thales’ head of algorithms and processing Andrew Parmley explains what is going on. “The image itself is actually quite small, so the…

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