Rocky whiz kid’s robotics and artificial intelligence US move

BACK to the Future predicted flying cars, but it’s automated cars that are inching ever closer. And when you’re driving, or rather riding, in one in decades to come, it may just be Rockhampton’s Mattison Rose who had a hand in designing it. The CQUniversity graduate is set to get off to the United States, where he’ll study a Masters of Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan with a focus on robotics and artificial intelligence. Engineering was a natural fit for Mattison, who enjoyed science and maths classes in high school at Heights College. “I picked engineering as a sideline,” he said. “I wanted to do physics and applied physics is basically engineering, so that’s how it came about.” After finish school with an OP1, he studied at CQUniversity. Mattison said the ability to stay in his hometown for a few more years, as well as the university’s renowned engineering program was the selling point for studying in Rockhampton. In the second year of his degree, Mattison earned a scholarship with Anglo American which helped him finish his studies and saw him work at the company’s German Creek mine for a year and a half following graduation. “I…

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