Russian university joins Facebook’s artificial intelligence project

In an exclusive with RBTH, Yann LeCun, the Director of AI Research at Facebook, said that the Neural Nets and Deep Learning Lab at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MFTI), together with 14 research centers from around the world, will join forces in a global research program launched by the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Partnership (FAIR).All the program’s recipients will receive access to 22 high-performance servers based on GPUs (graphics processing units). In return, participating scientists will have to openly publish their results, algorithms and other information obtained in the course of research. This information will then be available to scientists and developers around the world. FAIR’s selection criteria is the quality of past research and its usefulness, as well as geographical diversity and the team’s need for additional capacity, LeCun said. In addition to Russia’s MFTI, the other 14 academic and research institutions come from Austria, France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Czech Republic,…

Link to Full Article: Russian university joins Facebook’s artificial intelligence project

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