SA neuroscientists develop first NeuroWine

NeuroWine will be available in May, through Woolworths. A South African team of neuromarketers and neuroscientists created the world’s first NeuroWine, a wine that was developed by taking the tools and technologies that are traditionally used in neuroscience and applying them to the art of wine-making. Neural Sense, a local neuromarketing consultancy, partnered with Pieter Walser, a Cape wine maker from the BLANKBottle label. Using neuroscience and biometric technologies, they tested 21 different white wine and 20 different red wine varietals from a number of different vineyards across the country. They assessed Walser’s emotional and cognitive responses to each testing experience to create the world’s first NeuroWine, available in red and white. The team uses neuroscience technologies such as electroencephalography to measure brain response and galvanic skin response biometric sensors…

Link to Full Article: SA neuroscientists develop first NeuroWine

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