Salesforce dives into AI-driven marketing with Einstein

Dive Brief:Salesforce released an artificial intelligence solution called Salesforce Einstein, which is described as “artificial intelligence for everyone” in a company blog post.  The AI will become part of the core of Salesforce’s Customer Success Platform and will be powered by advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing and smart data discovery. Salesforce Einstein will optimize for each individual customer by learning from each new piece of data and interactions within the CRM. “We couldn’t be more excited to finally unveil Salesforce Einstein after two years of hard work and targeted acquisitions,” wrote VP of Marketing Jim Sinai in the post. “As we continue to build out AI for CRM, we are committed to understanding the next generation of AI technology and how it can best be…

Link to Full Article: Salesforce dives into AI-driven marketing with Einstein

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