Salesforce tips its AI master plan, previews Einstein

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff believes that artificial intelligence should just be infused through software and cloud services in a way that customers barely notice. Enter Salesforce’s big “Einstein” initiative. Benioff teased out Einstein, Salesforce’s artificial intelligence effort, and basically pre-empted his big theme for the company’s Dreamforce powwow in October. What’s Einstein? Einstein is essentially a mix of organic and acquired technologies from Salesforce. The goal is to democratize AI for large companies as well as smaller ones. Benioff said on Salesforce’s second quarter earnings conference call: Companies will demand that your software is going to be intelligent, smart, that you’re going to have machine learning and deep learning and machine intelligence built-in. Machine intelligence is going to be declared as well as programmatic…I really believe we’re going to have…

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