Salesforce uses AI to help customers close deals

Dreamforce 2015.(Photo: Salesforce.) SAN FRANCISCO – In the consumer universe, artificial intelligence is best known as a nice-to-have if stealthy feature that can suggest movies or book rides. But AI’s greater worth could well be in the money-making enterprise arena, where sales, service and marketing initiatives stand to be streamlined by the data-crunching deductive power of machine learning. That’s certainly the bet customer relationship management giant Salesforce is making by unveiling Einstein, the no-brainer name given to a suite of advanced AI capabilities. With Einstein, salespeople can focus on leads that statistically show the most promise of becoming clients, and customer service reps may be better prepared to answer a rainbow of consumer queries. “The strongest aspect of Einstein is that it is deeply embedded in the platform, it’s just working automatically,” says Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, whose company…

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