Samsung likely to unveil new Galaxy Note 8; will it sell?

CLOSE Reportedly, the device will be unveiled at a media event that Samsung is planning to hold in New York in August. It is believed the new phone will have a curved screen & two rear cameras. Newslook Samsung Galaxy Note 7(Photo: Samsung) NEW YORK—It’s been a question ever since last year’s ultimately recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices kept catching fire: Will customers come back for more?   Samsung is set to unveil a brand-new Galaxy Note 8 at a New York City event in late August, according to Reuters and South Korea publication The Bell. Following a tradition of August updates to the Note line — and jumping ahead of the anticipated iPhone 8 launch in September — the new phone is expected to have a slightly larger display than the Samsung Galaxy S8+’s 6.2-inch display and sport two rear cameras. Last fall’s brand-damaging and expensive ($5.3 billion-plus) recall of the popular Note 7, caused by batteries in the device that overheated, would have seemed to put the nail into the Note coffin. The repeat recall followed weeks of reports on consumers burned, jolted awake or surprised in mid-air by phones smoking and catching fire. But Samsung’s mobile chief had vowed to bring…

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