SAP Is Building Bias Filters Into Its HR Software

SAP is betting that artificial intelligence can help eliminate bias in hiring and employee performance reviews. The tech giant has been particularly vocal about improving gender and ethnic diversity, not exactly strange considering it owns human resources software company SuccessFactors. It even recently gave nearly 1% of its U.S. workforce, including some men, raises in order to close a pay gap. More significantly for the rest of the corporate world, however, are additions that SAP sap plans for its SuccessFactors HR management system, which includes applications for recruiting, performance appraisals, and career development. The new features include data crunching that flags potentially biased language in job descriptions that could unintentionally limit a pool of candidates, according to presentations that the company is making during its annual customer conference this week…

Link to Full Article: SAP Is Building Bias Filters Into Its HR Software

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