SAS Could Use Shocking Brain Technology

UK Special Forces could use a headset that delivers electrical charges to the brain to help them train, according to reports. According to The Times, the SAS and SBS are expected to test the headset which sends energy pulses to the brain to improve performance. The headset technology leads to “accelerated strength and skill acquisition”. The US military is already involved with neuro technology and has announced a partnership with Halo Neuroscience. According to the company’s website, using neurotechnology “accelerated pilot and sniper training by 50%”. Halo Neuroscience was founded in 2013 by scientists and doctors who had used the technology to treat epilepsy. They claim their Halo Sport headset has helped Olympians and professional athletes unlock performance gains. The electrical charges into the brain help combat muscle fatigue, keeping…

Link to Full Article: SAS Could Use Shocking Brain Technology

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